At Total Body Rehab, we have a passion to serve patients in a small, personalized, un-hurried environment with therapists who provide comprehensive treatment of the total body.

Our Values

  • Provide high value, one hour, one-on-one treatment sessions followed by the same therapist from the initial evaluation to the final discharge.
  • Utilize our vast knowledge base and comprehensive manual skills from over 35 years experience.
  • Provide comprehensive assessments that consider the possible mechanical interplay and influence from other parts of the body and/or past injuries that may be affecting the current signs and symptoms.
  • Provide strong, trusted patient-therapist relationships in a small, intimate and calm environment.
  • Produce real patient-centric solutions, not just treatment of pain with limited function.
  • Committed to listening to our patients to provide a collaborative treatment approach.
  • Educate our patients to improve their long-term independence through carefully designed home programs.
  • Operate our practice with efficiency and assist patients in navigating insurance issues.

"Mary Beth provides a perfect blend of deep muscle massage, and stretching/strengthening. She is amazingly good at identifying the root causes of pains and restrictions in movement - especially with the very complicated shoulder issues I had. An orthopedic surgeon told me I had 2 choices: surgery, or 'live with it'. TBR was a much better alternative than either of these! Thanks!" — Tom R.